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Faizan-e-Azan Download Full Book in Urdu

Faizan-e-Azan Download Full Book in UrduFaizan-e-Azan Download Full Book in Urdu

The Azan is Islamic call for prayer. Muslim gathered in Masjid five times a day. Faizan-e-Azan is a full and new book in Urdu language. I think this book is written in three languages. In this book you learn the meaning of Azan and How to pronounce Azan. All Islamic Instructions are mentioned in this book about Azan.


Hadiths by OUR BELOVED PROPHET HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.W) described the importance of Adhan in detail and all data is copied by Sahaba-e-Ikram (R.A) and reached to us.
In this book, you can learn how to recite Azan. Proper Pronunciations of words of Azan can be learned through this rare book. Duas after Azan are  also available in this book along with urdu translation.




Updated: 08/28/2016 — 2:28 am

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