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Mother of Evils Full book in English Language

Mother of Evils Full book in English LanguageMother of Evils Full in English Language

Mother of Evils book presented by Markazi Majlis-e-Shura (Dawat-e-Islami). In this book you can read Alarming Discourse, Describing Rulings and Harms of Alcohol.
A saint of Islam has reported that he dream a person named ‘Mish a a’ after his death. He asked him, ‘How did Allah treat you?’ The deceased replied Allah forgave me.I asked the reason for that. He said, ‘Once I requested one of the great scholars of Hadith to dictate me any Hadith along with its chain of narrators. Hence, whilst dictating the Hadith to me, when the blessed name of our Beloved Prophet S.A.W.W was mentioned, the respected scholar invoked Salat upon the Beloved Prophet S.A.W.W. I too recited Salat aloud and listening to me, other participants of the gathering began invoking Salat. Allah forgave all the participants of that gathering by virtue of the recitation of Salat upon the Noble Prophet S.A.W.W.

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