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Method of Wudu in English Language PDF

Method of Wudu in English Language PDFMethod of Wudu in English Language Free Download PDF

Method of Wudu Book was written by Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadiri. The translation Majlis has translated this book in English language. In this book you can read the Complete method ok Wudu in English language.

A Hadith states: “The person who sleeps in the state of Wudu, is similar to one who worships in the state of fasting.”

The Holy Prophet S.A.W.W said to Hazrat-e-Sayyiduna Anas R.A “Son! If you have the capability of remaining in the state of Wudu all the time then do so, because martyrdom
(Shahadat) is written down for the one whose soul is captured by the angel of death in the state of Wudu.”

Quran Says: “If a person looks up to the sky after Wudu and reads Surah Qadr, his eyesight will never become weak.”

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