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Faizan e Ramadan Full Book in Arabic language

 Faizan e Ramadan

Faizan e Ramadan Full Book in Arabic language

Faizan e Ramadan Full Book in Arabic language.In this post I am going to share Faizan-e-Ramadan Full book in Arabic language. Ramadan is a blessed and sacred month in which Allah revealed the Holy Quran. He mentions the revelation of the Holy Quran and Ramadan in these words:-

“The month of Ramadan in which was sent down the Quran the guidance for mankind, the direction and the clear criteria (to judge between right and wrong). So whoever among you finds this month, must fast for the (whole) month and whoever is sick or on a journey, may fast the same number in other days. Allah desires ease for you and does not desire hardship for you so that you complete the count (of fasts), and glorify Allah’s greatness for having guided you, and so that you may be grateful.”

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Updated: 08/24/2016 — 4:49 am

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