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Full Quran Mp3 with Bangla Translation Free Download

Full Quran Mp3 with Bangla Translation Free DownloadFull Quran Mp3 with Bangla Translation Free Download

In this post I am going to share Full Quran Mp3 with Bangla language translation. Quran is the important book in Islam and for a Muslim. Every Muslim want to read and understand quran in their native language, and Now this time people of Bangladesh and those who knows Bengali very well, can Listen Quran Recitation in Bangla language.

You can just download complete mp3 Quran in Zip file. Every Surah is separate and high quality audio. The Quran is the last and holy book of Islam. It revealed by ALLAH to our Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAWW. The Quran is considered by Muslims to be “The Word of ALLAH”. This book is different from other religious texts in that it is believed to be written directly by ALLAH, through the prophet Muhammad SAWW. It has been written and read only in Arabic for more than 1,400 years. But, because many Muslims around the world do not understand Arabic, the translation of the Quran is also given in other languages, so that readers can understand better what the Arabic words in the Quran mean.

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Updated: 08/28/2016 — 1:57 am

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