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25 Tales of the Graveyard English Book Download

25 Tales of the Graveyard English Book Download25 Tales of the Graveyard English Book Download

In this post You can download the Islamic Book name ” 25 Tales of the Graveyard ” with English translation. This Bayan was delivered by Allamah Maulana Abu Bilal Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadiri Razavi in Urdu. The translation department has translated it into English. If you find any mistake in the translation or composing, please inform us.

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In this book you can read the following topics:

  • Torment lifted from 560 graves
  • The entire graveyard was forgiven by virtue of the supplication of a saint
  • ‘Umar Farooq-e-A’zam R.A conversing with the people of the graves
  • The method of presenting greetings in the graveyard
  • Instant blessings of Isal-e-Sawab

and many other important topics. Its all about the 25 Tales of the Graveyard book in English language.

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Updated: 09/18/2016 — 3:55 pm

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