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Pharaoh’s Dream PDF book in English Language

pharaoh's dreamPharaoh’s Dream PDF book in English Language

In this book you can read the Pharaoh’s Dream. This book was written by the founder of Dawat-e-Islami Allamah Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadiri Razavi in Urdu language. And the Translation Majlis has translated this book into English. If you find any mistake in the translation or composing, please inform the us through contact us form or email us.

In ancient times, the king of Egypt was called Pharaoh, similarly, the king of Rome, Qayṣar, the king of Iran, Kisra, the king of Yemen, Tuba, the king of Turkey, Khaqan, and the king of Ḥabshah/Africa was called Najjashi. Among all Pharaohs of Egypt, the Pharaoh at the time of Hazrat Musa Kalimullah AS was the most ill-mannered, stone-hearted, and cruelest. His name was Walid Ibn Muṣ’ab Bin Rayyan and he belonged to the Coptic Tribe. The name of Pharaoh at the time of Hazrat Yusuf AS was Rayyan Bin Walid who became a believer. There is a time span of more than 400 years between Pharaohs at the times of Hazrat Yusuf AS and Hazrat Musa Kalimullah AS.


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