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The Reward of Giving Sadaqah Full Book in English

The Reward of Giving Sadaqah Full Book in EnglishThe Reward of Giving Sadaqah Full Book in English

In this post you can download the islamic book The Reward of Giving Sadaqah Full in English Language. This book written in the form of Bayan on the Blessing of Sadaqah and charity. This Bayan was delivered by Dawat-e-Islami in Urdu. Majlis-e-Tarajim has translated it into English. If you find any mistake in the translation or composing, please inform us.

Where money circulates in the society through spending wealth for the pleasure of ALLAH (Sadaqah and charities), it also becomes a source of fulfilling many needs of the poor and destitute people. ALLAH has mentioned the reward and excellence of giving Sadaqah at many places in the Glorious Quran. Hence it is mentioned in the Glorious Quran.

” The example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is similar to that of a grain which has grown seven stalks and in each stalk contains one hundred grains and Allah may multiply it for whomever He pleases; and Allah is All Encompassing, All Knowing. “

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Updated: 10/28/2016 — 11:01 pm

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