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Miswak Sharif Kay Fazail in Bengali Language PDF Book


Miswak Sharif Kay Fazail in Bengali PDF BookMiswak Sharif Kay Fazail in Bengali PDF Book

In this post You can download a islamic Book Miswak Sharif Kay Fazail in Bengali Language. In this book you can read virtues of miswak in Bangla language.

Miswak for every Salah:

Sayyiduna Zayd Bin Khalid Juhani R.A has stated: The Beloved Rasool PBUH wouldn’t leave his blessed home for any Salah until he performed Miswak.

Performing Miswak on awakening is a Sunnah:

It is narrated from Sayyidatuna Aaishah Siddiqah R.A: Water of ablution and Miswak used to be placed for the Beloved Rasool (PBUH). When he (PBUH) would wake up in the night, then after relieving himself, he would at first perform Miswak.

Miswak Before Eating:

Sayyiduna Abdullah Bin Umar RA used to perform Miswak before eating.

Tip for removing the yellow stains from teeth:

Sayyiduna Abu Hurayrah RA states: Performing Miswak after eating removes the yellow stains from the teeth.

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Updated: 12/21/2016 — 8:34 pm

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